Solutions 4 Pollution presents HydraGENTM

Basically HydraGENTM produces hydrogen gas in small quantities on-demand which is used as a supplementary fuel along with diesel.

The First and foremost advantage of Installing HydraGENTM is that it helps reduce fuel consumption by 6% to 19.2%

Hydrogen and Oxygen are pumped into the combustion chamber wherein Hydrogen is very volatile and reaches every nook and corner of the chamber and ignites the unspent fuel, whereas in this process Oxygen acts as the catalyst in the chamber.

Together Hydrogen and Oxygen makes the inefficient combustion engine more efficient, as combustion engines are known to be inefficient to a certain degree.

Secondly, HydraGENTM also reduces emissions by up to 50%, as there is now less unburnt fuel being exhausted in the form of CO2 and other dangerous gases but since the induction of Hydrogen and Oxygen have now reduced the emissions.

Thirdly HydraGENTM helps in reduction of carbon deposits in the engine. Absence of carbon deposits in the engine extends the life of the engine, as It also prolongs the oil change intervals and overall maintenance of the engine consequently extending the life span of engine.

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